Selling Your House and Real Estate Calculation

Do you think about selling your house and want to have it evaluated before?

The good news: the evaluation of your house is taken care of by the broker of your trust. He knows the market and can assess it accordingly. This results in a rough estimate of the value of your property. Criteria that affect the value of your property are:

  • District and micro location
  • Year of construction and condition
  • Floor plan and brightness

If, for example, the square meter price is 2.500 euros in a district, this may mean that your own house is worth only 1,200 euros, or 3,500 euros per square meter. The fact that the deviations can be so considerable is due to the multitude of criteria that must be taken into account when evaluating a house. Depending on the type, they justify increases or decreases in the average price.

Haus verkaufen

Experience is crucial in the house evaluation

In the evaluation, there are many experiences, since a lot of real estate is sold every year. Thus it is possible to make statistical statements about the prices of houses on the basis of the year of construction.
Nevertheless, the evaluation of houses is complicated because the totality of all factors has the value, i. E. the market price.

Real estate calculation with competence and reliability

A decisive factor for a profound property valuation is a factor: the current market value – also called traffic value – of your property and your property. This is decisive for the tax classification as well as for the credit rating on banks based on realistic value ratios. But what is equally important in real estate valuation is: Experts are not equal experts. And the quality of the rating is not the same. For an objective and qualified statement on property values, characteristics such as market knowledge, independence and experience are indispensable. In addition to and in the case of real estate valuation, our service spectrum essentially comprises the following services:

The market is dynamic – that is, the market value of real estate can change steadily due to various legal or economic factors. Especially in the case of inheritances or purchases and sales as well as for real estate management, current and competent appraisals with regard to the market value of a property are indispensable. This is precisely our strength: Kolb and Partner is your specialist when it comes to determining the market value of a property!

From the ascertainment of the basic income tax through the gift tax to the inheritance tax on real estate – all are initially based on an objectively determined valuation of land and / or property, which is fixed by the tax office on a flat-rate basis. But an individual and realistic calculation of the value, For example, for the determination of inheritance tax on real estate, belongs to a specialist. This is due to profound market knowledge, legal changes or other variable influences on the market value of a property.

A valuation carried out on such grounds by publicly appointed and sworn experts can thus revise the decision taken by the public institutions in the form of a theoretical form, including when determining the inheritance tax on real estate. With their many years of experience and a comprehensive archive of case studies, the business owners of Kolb und Partner have the expertise and the necessary know-how to help you meet your personal requirements as a reliable partner.

Total use and residual use are important factors influencing the tax treatment of a property. The Kolb and Partner Experts’ Office is your specialist when it comes to determining the duration of the remaining use, which can vary depending on the building type, age and other factors. We advise and inform you competently about the expected remaining period of use – and thus provide investors with assistance for tax depreciation.

What happens, for example, when divorcing the common property? Because when two parties argue, this does not always end in court. For by means of a publicly appointed and sworn expert, an out-of-court settlement is possible in disputes concerning a property, such as a divorce. As publicly appointed and sworn experts, the specialists from Kolb and Partner produce objective arbitration reports for real estate in cases of divorce, construction lawsuits and other special occurrences. By section 317 of the Civil Code (BGB), the arbitration report has its legal basis and also a binding effect.For more information and right about Living Spaces Furniture Store visit