Garden Art & Decor

Aside from your collection of flowers, shrubs and trees, you can add an extra layer of show-stopping interest to your garden with groupings of pots, salvaged items or outdoor sculptures. Check out these ideas for inspiration!Garden Art

Terracotta rules!

Displayed individually, you might not think much of the trusty old terracotta pot. But when you group several together in a well-balanced scene… hello, stunning! The trick is to stagger the heights of your pots and plantings, mix up the textures, then break up the view with the odd terracotta orb or groupings of tipped-over pots.

On the wire

If you’re handy on the tools, you might like to fashion a trio of wire orbs to display in a garden bed at your place. Otherwise, regular visits to your local Bunnings garden centre will uncover all kinds of fabulous sculptures you can include in your garden setting. Design tip for you to note – odd numbers always look better than even, as does staggering the size of your chosen sculptures.

Furry friends

Do you wish you could welcome more wildlife to your yard? These guys might not be the real deal, but they’re certainly adorable! To mimic this look, search for collections of metal wallabies, wombats, birds, lizards and so on, then position groups of them together in garden beds. Also try pressing a series of animal sculptures into your lawn for an appealing effect.

Tool time

Collections of the one thing always look terrific when displayed together, just like this series of old timber-handled forks in a garden bed. Love it! While the silvering effect of aged timber is an appealing sight in the garden, you may wish to prolong the lifespan and enrich the colour of timber with a coat of varnish once a year.

Simple touches

Complete a garden vista and give it instant wow factor with a rusty old piece of farm machinery, effortlessly positioned among your plants. Upkeep is minimal for this type of garden sculpture – so there’s more time to trim the shrubs in the surrounding scene.

Blooms in a bucket

To hang a galvanised bucket off an old post in your yard takes minimal effort, and when the bucket is planted up with seasonal blooms, it quickly becomes the centrepiece of your yard. Just like a living artwork! The trick here is to punch a few holes in the base of the bucket to maintain good drainage, and line the bucket with weed matting.