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REGISTRATION Do you have one or more properties that you wish to let? Do they have a interesting location and  a cozy atmosphere? Then it´s sounds like they could fit our team:)


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So to be listed as a "Private host" on our website you need to be organized, friendly and accomodating. Keep your information aswell as calendar up to date. You will get your own account were you can create your profile and your apartment pages. More information how to do this will be sent to you in an email after your account has been created. Fill out the form to your right to create an account!


FAQ from apartment owners:

If you are a Private host and wish to list your property/ properties on our site please fill out this form to get your own account.

At the moment it´s not possible for us to manage your apartment.

There is no limit on how short period of time to let your apartment. Here you can advertise your apartment from a couple of days till how long as you want. We do have a minimum comission fee of 500 sek on each booking.

Yes we do not demand exclusivity. 

We mainly focus on major cities and in the city centers as this is were we have most of our clients but yes you are welcome to list with us. 

New cities are more than welcome! Just contact us and tell us were it is located! 

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