Dreaming Up The Ideal Wardrobe

Cleaning out your closet is a task that everybody dreads. Either you have too little space or everything is disorganized. It’s probably time to design your own wardrobe. A wardrobe lets you organize your clothes in a way that suits you best. It also adds to the décor of your bedroom. Choosing a wardrobe depends on several factors including space and tastes and preferences.
Dreaming Up The Ideal Wardrobe
When choosing a wardrobe design, you want to consider the theme of your bedroom. If you have a more rustic theme, then a wooden wardrobe with delicate carvings works. For a more modern theme, then a laminated sliding door may suffice. Here are a few tips to design the ideal wardrobe:
1. Maximizing storage space
Make sure you consider all the space available. Decide which part of the room would be ideal. Choose a place that does not restrict movement, allowing you to move around freely when choosing an outfit. If you have high ceilings, use the width and vertical height of the area to allow the cabinets to extend to the ceiling. Adding a cupboard on top of the wardrobe space would be useful to store things you rarely use.
2. Type of door/ doors
Depending on the size of the room and your wardrobe, you can either have a single door, double door, multiple doors or even sliding doors. Consider how you would want to look into your closet, whether you want to access only parts of wardrobe at a time or have a full view of it.
3. Height of the clothing rail
If you are someone who has a lot of dresses and suits, you do not want to keep them folded on a shelf. While designing internal dimensions, consider how to best use the internal space of the wardrobe. For long hanging, generally, a 1.7m from the rail to the bottom of the wardrobe is ideal to allow for items such as coats and dresses.
4. A number of drawers?
Decide if you want a number of small drawers or long or a combination of both. Small drawers are perfect for storing tiny items. Long drawers help you keep smaller clothing items organized. If you have a small budget, drawers and the mechanisms can be a costly feature, instead, you can opt for an arrangement of shelving with removable baskets to store small items.
5. Extras for the fashion conscious
A mirror on the front of your wardrobe is a great way to add detail to your design and also makes a room feel larger. If you have a shallow space for the wardrobe to fit, consider using alternative hanging rails that extend laterally rather than horizontally.
In case you have a large number of shoes, internal drawers can be fitted in with mechanisms to make storing and accessing them easier.
People in India are switching from shabby wooden or steel cupboards to more intricate wardrobes that add style to their homes. Space constraints have made customized wardrobes in Bangalore and other metropolitans extremely popular. Being a progressive city and very style conscious, wardrobe designs in Bangalore have become a major part of refurbishing or even designing your home. Designing your own wardrobe adds an aesthetic appeal to your home as well as lets you keep things organized your way.