What to Do in Your Garden in December

Many People plan our Spring/Summer gardens Through the Winter months instead of really gardening, but it does not mean there is nothing to do. There’s nothing more fun than spending some time out on a crisp winters day. A couple of moments spent in the backyard in December can lighten the work load for next year and provide you an opportunity to escape out of the joyous rush.

Here are my top ten gardening tasks for December:

1. Be prepared for abrupt swings in temperatures and Protect tender plants using a horticultural fleece, blankets or paper.

2. Leave the faded flower heads in your hydrangeas before the spring, As they are going to provide frost protection into the swelling buds farther down the stalks.

3. Dig over bare soil and pile manure on top – allow The worms and frosts divide the clods of dirt.

4. If you have not already done so, wash out the greenhouse thoroughly. Wash the glass, the ground and the staging with a mild disinfectant to kill any overwintering insects and diseases.

5. Shield your poinsettias from chilly draughts and Let them dry out slightly between watering to make them last for your entire Christmas period and well into January.

6. If the weather is light, continue to cut the bud if it is growing, But increase the elevation of the mower blades. Spike the lawn using a fork to improve drainage and aeration. Continue to clean leaves to allow in light and protect against dead spots appearing.

7. There’s still time to plant tulips – avert Planting a frosty day and use chicken wire to protect the bulbs out of hungry squirrels.

8. If you’ve implanted up paperwhites, amaryllis and other Bulbs for indoor flowering, bring them in a hot and well-lit room to promote blossoms through the festive period.

9. Afford the opportunity to enjoy winter scents in the backyard. Daphne odora marginata and Sarcococca (Christmas Box) all smell fantastic. It’s well worth placing a few sprigs to a vase to scent a space.

10. Cut evergreen branches and leaves to style into merry garlands and wreaths. Conifers, ivy, Cornus stalks and holly make Beautiful conventional screens. Eucalyptus and ferns will make strikingly Easy Exhibits in a more modern setting.